We've started a blog! But y tho? :\

Welcome to the brand-new, minimally-awaited Greedy Khao blog!

Before getting started, we'd like to outline our motivations for creating the blog - long story short, if we're going to spend time writing, we want it to be something that you guys will find at least A LITTLE bit useful. 

Our primary goal is to create a space for readers to learn about why so many people are adopting a vegan lifestyle, and what's motivating them to do so (spanning animal welfare, environmental and health perspectives). As fairly recent adoptee of the vegan lifestyle, our hope is that this blog will act as an accessible, non-preachy resource for readers who are in the early stages of their own exploration of the vegan lifestyle, whether simply curious, or full-on committed. 

Of course, we will also have some delicious vegan Thai recipes from Faai (here's a little taster from our filming session with our friends @bosh.tv), as well as some as-yet-unspecified bits-and-pieces, here-and-there. And hyphens. LOTS of hyphens.  

But before any of that, we thought we'd shed some light on Greedy Khao's transformation from traditional Thai street food stall, to all-vegan, all-Thai, all-foodie brand --> head on over to 'Becoming a Greedy Khao' to learn more <3  

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